Start Your Own Clothing Brand

Have you wanted to launch your own clothing brand but didnt know where to start? Let us help!

There are many things that go into launching your own clothing brand. The quality of garment, your design, custom add ons like neck labels and hang tags, and of course the order fulfilment. The most important things is to decide on a vision for your brand.

  • Are you wanting the highest quality of shirt available regardless of price or would you rather keep the price lower by providing more of an everyday t-shirt. 
  • Do you have your designs ready?
  • Do you have a website platform in place to take the orders?
  • Are you going to want high end add ons like neck labels, hang tags, custom packaging ec
  • Are you going to order the shirts in bulk and fulfil the orders yourself or have the printing company handle the fulfilment? 
  • And much more to decide!
Create your own custom clothing brand

Choose Product

Let us help you decide which type of blank garment would work best for your vision. There are literally thousands out there. We offer a showroom in San Antonio TX to view the samples OR we can always ship blanks to you so you can feel/touch/hold and make a more educated decision. 

Customize It

If you have artwork ready for printing that is awsome! But if you dont and you just have some ideas we can connect you with some graphic design artists to bring your ideas to life!

Choose Options

Next we decide how custom you want your brand to be. For example we can do things like:


Custom neck labels

Woven sewn in labels on the hem or sleeve

Hang tags

Shirt cardboard wrap

Custom packaging


We fulfil It

When your order is ready we can either ship to you or we can fulfil your order for you. We can even provide you with a website that you can cusumize to take the orders from your customers. Letting you focus on getting the word out. 

There is so much more that goes into this to get your vision ready for the public, but let us help guide you in making a succesfull brand launch! Contact us today for more info. 

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