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low setup &

artwork fees

Our goal is to get your design engraved with the best quality for the best price. Sometimes this means that we need to vectorize your artwork if the quality is too low to produce a good engraving results. This is a case by case basis and most of the time there is no added charge for this but sometimes depending on the artwork and product we are engraving there could be a small charge.

CUps are just the beginning

When most people think of laser engraving they think of Yeti cups but there are so many other items that can be engraved and cut. Here at CPM we focus on the top categories of laserable items like cups, leather patches, and even clothes! See more about what we can do below.

12 piece minimum

order size

Our minimum order size for embroidery is 12 pieces of the same item. If you are needing the same logo/design on different types of objects we can certainly do that just please remember there is a 12 piece minimum for each type of item that we are embroidering. This is because each different item requires a different set up and preparation to ensure your design/logo is stitched to perfection!

Offering Helotes and San Antonio amazing Laser engraving

Laser engraving and marking is the process of removing the very top layer of an item to reveal a contrasting color beneath. Some examples include:


  • Yeti tumbler that are colored and when we engrave on it, the stainless body will show through
  • Leather patches - a lighter leather will reveal a darker leather 
  • Fabric - Mostly just for darker polo shirts, it will reveal a tone on tone look
  • Yoga mats - A darker contrasting color 
  • Slate coasters - A light slate will engrave to a very dark color


Trotec 360 laser engraving machine

Laser Art Requirements: Laser has a variety of file types that can be used including .jpg, .pdf, .tif, and .eps. Ask our design team if your design file is appropriate. Otherwise, we will take the appropriate next steps in preparing your design file for Lasering.

Laser Pricing: Pricing is based upon the the time it takes the laser to engrave on the item. We have compiled a product offering of our most popular sellers but we are not limited to these. Please reach out to us with your ideas of what to engrave and we can give you a quick quote.

We have added a few of our favorite items in our "products" section but its far from everything that we can engrave. Check out this website for more items and we can quote them for you!

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