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Using our large format printing we can print banners up to 52in wide and as along as 120ft! Or banners are sealed at the seams and we insert gromets for a long life span. Our most popular sizes are:

4ft Wide X 2ft Tall

6ft Wide X 3ft Tall

8ft Wide X 4ft Tall

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When thinking about stickers there are so many varriables and at CPM we have alot of options and can help you get a stunning product. We can offer just sheets of stickers, die cut stickers, rounded stickers or any other size you can think of. 

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Our most popular form of photo printing is making canvas wrap around pictures for wall hanging. We use a high grade canvas matieral for printing and real wood frames for the inner supports. The sizes we offer mainly depends on the size and quality of your graphic. Shoot us a message with your graphic and we can recomend the best sizing for your project!

Offering Helotes and San Antonio amazing large format printing

Large format printing is a great way to advertise your event or business. By providing eye popping graphics in many different sizes your business will certainly gain attention with minimal cost and effort. 

Some examples that we print on:


Car magnets


Car wraps






Stickers almost need to be there own category since there is so much you can do with them. They are like little portable billboards for your business. The key to a good sticker is 2 things, a call design and a quality material. We can help with both. 

Die cut

Die cut is like the stickers pictured on the left. Where the printer will cut around the shape to really make the sticker pop. We slice the back of of the sticker paper so that it makes applying the sticker very easy. 

Round stickers

Round stickers are just as the name implies, round stickers. Similar to the die cut in that there is not paper around the round sticker but instead of cutting around your object shape, the final product is round. We can do any shape though, square, rectangle, oval etc, just round is the most popular.


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