Custom Printed T-shirts San Antonio TX

Posted: 8/4/20

So many options when choosing the right T-shirt for your idea or brand. Literally there are thousands of blank options out there all begging for your attention and claiming they are the best. But what are they the best at? 


- Fit?

- Quality?

- Feel? 

- Printability?

- Price?



At Custom Printed Materials our goal is to help you navigate through all the junk and get you the best custom printed t-shirt for what you are trying to do. But where do we start? 


The best start to your project of getting your custom t-shirts printed is the design. Do you have a design already? Do you need help with the design? Do you just have something sketched on the back of a napkin? We can help with all of the above. Shoot us an email with your ideas and will see how we can turn them into the perfect T-shirt. 


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